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Monday, October 17, 2011


I had some trouble walking back to my car in the dark after the Bolton participants at the home of Stalnaker/Dadisman RFLs Debbi and David Pariser on Wednesday wove their tales of horror.

After a brief exchange of real ghost stories in the Pariser’s quaint den and then a delicious dinner of steak (yeah, steak), potatoes and green beans, the students got down to business writing about a setting that scares them in Morgantown and peopling that setting with an "innocent" and a monster locked in some kind of confrontation. The monster was either to be an amalgam of their fears related to being a student at WVU, or just an exaggerated version of some creep that really moves around this town.

What they came up with was chilling. A monster named “Fub” who harasses people in the dorm, a faceless, shadowy figure lurking in a darkened Monongalia County Courthouse plaza, a killer who lures his victims outside by playing a tape recorded scream of a child ...

Whooooo’s got my golden arm?


Good stuff. The next workshop is Nov. 9. I think lasagna's on the menu.

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