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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fieldcrest and the PRT

Last Tuesday in Fieldcrest, we found out a rather unexpected bit of information about our Mountaineer experience. While we focused on flash fiction pieces about PRT mishaps and breakdowns, we found out something else. With our workshoppers using language like "the prt gods" and the "all seeing eye" in the controller building, we found that no matter how much we may hate the PRT when it breaks down, or are appalled by what we experience while riding it on gameday, we share a common thread that it's sacred.

I know, it sounds crazy.

But think about it... how many other campuses in the US have anything like it? How much do we rely on our little blue and gold cars to get us to class or downtown to High St.? We respect it's ability to do... whatever the hell it does... and that we can only choose to ride on it and deal with all of its idiosyncrasies, or not. And when parking costs are outrageous and open spots are still hard to find... this is how we deal. And no matter what we do, we can't stop it from breaking down, or getting us to our destination any faster than it wants to take us. And so, we submit ourselves to it, much like faith, and hold it in a place of high regard.

So much depends upon,
a blue and gold car....

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