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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nah Nah Nah Non-fiction

Being a first-time Boltonite, I had a nagging fear walking up the hill from Colson to Arnold Hall as I passed the gaggles on porches and the gaggles primped for parties: I thought I might be writing non-fiction exercises by myself. To my delight, three already talented writers (English and Journalism majors) showed up, and Arnold RAs didn't even have to pay, bribe, or lure them with pizza! Little did they know, they were in for a treat (English, of course. No, not scones). For our ice breaker workshop, we combined the forms of the six word memoir (the name pretty much explains itself) and hint fiction (a story of twenty-five words or less that suggests a larger story) to make literary history!

We started the workshop by writing as many six word memoirs as our brains would allow inspired by the theme of transitions. We each picked three of our favorites to share with the group and explained what they meant. A few gems:

"Went for a walk, started running." (Jordan O'Brian)
"I need more trees around here." (Mariah Painter)
"This situation only happens to me." (Chad Kriss)

Then we picked our favorite of the three and expanded on it in twenty-five words or less. Here, Bolton Writing Workshop friends and fans, is the first ever piece of hint non-fiction to grace the web (I think). Drum roll regardless!

"I Shouldn't Have Any Married Peers"
by Mariah Painter

I remember how she wanted to be a vet and help animals.
Now she thinks only of housekeeping.
We wanted to go to college together.

And they say creative people can't add. Pfffsh.

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