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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dorm Chic is not an Oxymoron

It's hard to make dorm rooms seem classy, but my sophomore year I made it happen. Sitting in the middle of my dorm room, my roommate and I had a mini living room complete with two chairs and a coffee table. We even had a coffee table book about early 20th Century circus folks. It was high class living. Granted, the chairs were beach chairs with sheets thrown over them, and the coffee table was an overturned milk crate, but man, did we make it look good. It was the perfect place to watch America's Next Top Model after a long day of classes.

Tomorrow night at 7:30 in the Honors Dorm we will be sharing similar tales of wonder (or woe) about dorm life. Topics may include: moving day feats of glory, roommate woes or hilarity, midnight fire alarms, and other such joys. Just like milk crate coffee tables, this event is going to be magnificent. Be there!

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