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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fieldcrest's First

After much anticipation, our first workshop at Fieldcrest went off without a hitch. We had just enough students to fill the dinner table at the RFL apartment and to have a close knit experience relating home life to Morgantown life. While there's always room for more, we were content in our close group.

Doc ordered some pizza for all of us as a small treat for those who answered the call-- whether it was out of interest, requirement, or just because the RAs made such a good sales pitch. We had some good discussion about the seedy late-night life of Morgantown and how there really is no cooking like home cooking. While we all were tired at the end of our session, Isaac included (see below) I think we all would have stuck around for more socializing if it wasn't for the fire alarm going off for an unexpected drill...

(Isaac at the end of the night...)

I already can't wait for our next workshop.

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