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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finding Balance in the Honors Dorm

Sitting around the dinning room table at the Honors Dorm, we Boltonites quickly learned one thing: we've all had some pretty unique experiences living in dorms -- it might be finding footprints on our ceiling, or watching a storm run through campus, or finding your goldfish murdered via hairspray. I guess I should amend that first sentence; we quickly learned that while we've all had pretty unique experiences, they're also experiences that everyone at the table could relate to. We've all had that terrible roommate (maybe not one that goes so far as to murder pets, but still). We've all had moments where we've wondered about the history of place. We've all stood in awe of nature.

At the Honors Hall's first Bolton session, we discussed the necessity of finding that balance between the unique and the common. The flash nonfiction that emerged demonstrated that these Boltoneers were good at finding it. Besides the experiences mentioned above, the Honors Hall created some amazing flash nonfiction pieces. One Boltoneer wrote about the strange stillness of walking into an empty dorm. Another wrote about the anticipation of gathering together for dinner. Another wrote about the anxiety of that first night, the urge to call someone familiar. Another about a man sitting on a bench on High Street. What grounded all of these great works, though, was another crucial quality that good writing needs: clear, vibrant voices.

We ended the night with the first every Honors Hall nonfiction face off. Very valuable prizes of Spiderman bubbles and playdough were awarded to three very talented writers. It seemed impossible to choose.

Come join us for our next session, this Thursday, October 4th at 7 pm in the RFL apartment. We'll be creating scary poems, and there might just be more prizes and treats! Thanks for kicking off the Bolton season with a great session, Honors Hall. I can't wait to see more of your work!

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