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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Month of Love

In February, Braxton Tower embraced the blown sonnet. Students treated "the little love song" as a puzzle they were determined to crack. Once they got started, students didn't want to stop. Here are some samples from a couple of our brightest stars: Joshua Carnes and Andrew Poszich.

When I Write, There's a Sonnet Boom!

By: Joshua Carnes

Tonight, I walked through rain to find her.
Again, reminded of its inconvenience.
My sight is blocked despite my desire.
But in my frustration, I find no difference.
Like the rain, she to my heart is long awaited.
She quenches my soul as though it were dust.
She is my bane and with every breath anticipated
My vision is blurred with overwhelming Lust.
One day, we will meet again when my intentions are true.
Mark my words, Fate--who keeps us separated.
That day you will fail, since the idea is not yet new.
What I feel is like a war vet but more decorated.
The war is fought for Love, and it is omnipresent.
No beginning, no end--my heart has been drafted.

Sonnet 42

By: Andrew Poszich

Alone, I wait upon this girl to come,
Laudable charm has left me in dismay.
I stare at my phone, what have I become?
My mind blank, I don't know what to say.

The rain pours down against the window pane,
Time slowly ticks by, where can this girl be?
I fret that my waiting will be in vain.
I thought this time would be different for me.

Distraught I feel, to nothing else compared.
It's getting dark now, desolate my heart.
Question her actions? Would I even dare?
Too bad it's getting late, I must depart.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow,
I will see her and be wrought with sorrow.

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