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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Know that You Can't Avoid the Stairs in Life: Words of Wisdom from the Honors Hall Boltoneers

The last Honors Hall Workshop was all about the list: top 5 things we wished we knew about WVU, about Morgantown, about 5Ks. The lists were fabulous. We reminded each other that at WVU, you can't avoid stairs, you will find wonderful friends, and for 5Ks, wear something with pockets. From there we built wonderful stories, essays, and poems celebrating all things list. One student wrote a letter to herself with expanding her list of advice. Another student wrote about the journey of the stairs. Another wrote a poem about growing up. As they were reading their creative lists, I was reminded for the umpteenth time how wonderful these students are. And so, in the spirit of lists here is a Top 3 list of things that I learned from the Bolton Honors Workshop:
1) It is amazing what people can write in fifteen minutes. This year, we've seen some beautiful lines of description, fleshed-out characters, and wonderful sonnets. All created and developed in less than thirty minutes!
2) Be prepared to be amazed at Honors Hall Boltoneers insight. As we discuss professional examples of writing during workshop, it never fails that I will be amazed at at least one person's insight. Again and again, these students have taught me to rethink a piece and to see a line of description, poetry, or dialgoue in a new light. 
3) Be prepared to be amazed, period (be prepared to laugh, too. Seriously, these Boltoneers are funny!). 

Thank you, Honors Hall Boltoneers! It has been a pleasure working with you this year. I am continuously amazed by your dedication to writing and your endless enthusiasm. I can't wait to hear you read your work at the final reading on Sunday, April 29, at 6:30 in the Honors Hall. 

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