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Saturday, March 3, 2012

A vampire, a writer, and a lonely-heart walk into a bar...

I know that I've got a good character when they turn around and disobey me. Last Sunday, we Boltoneers discussed what makes a wonderful character. We decided that, as for so many things in writing, it's all about the details. We spent the workshop building characters. First, from a Facebook profile and then filling in as many details that we could think of about our character. I think it's safe to say that we found some characters that will definitely disobey us.

We found a woman who can give all of her love away but can't find anyone to love her. We discovered a vampire that lives above the Sports Page and majors in Women's Studies (she's also about a thousand years old). We happened upon a creative writing student who finally is able to rediscover her inner child. As we shared our characters around the table, we wondered what would happen if our characters met, and I think we all felt that we wouldn't mind if the characters hung around for a while.

Come to the next Bolton Workshop on March 8th, 3:30, Honors Hall RFL.

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