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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Students at Work

We had an amazing group last semester in Braxton Tower--bright, funny, and talented. Here are pieces contributed by two of our stars, Patrick Burns and Moses Ajemigbitse. Thanks for sharing!

Patrick Burns

Artillery Shell

I scream loud like thunder
My voice echoing throughout the hills
I hit the ground yonder
Kicking up dust in the air

Moses Ajemigbitse

Awkward Moments

I stood under the shower head appreciating its warm and therapeutic jet. I let the water ease the knots in my neck, relieving the stress of the day. I picked up my sponge, applied some gel, and worked up a good lather. I began to scrub my body as I worked from my arm up to my neck, down my back, and ended with my legs.

As I straightened up, I heard the bathroom door open. Someone else shuffled into one of the toilet stalls and lifted the lid off the WC. I found it strange that someone tried to do that. I ignored whoever it was and returned my attention to the soothing shower. Just as I had relapsed into my serene environment, I heard a loud crash. Water splashed on the floor. Startled, I called out, “What’s going on?” As a response, I heard laughter and shuffling feet—two voices which I recognized as Zach and Bryant.

Suddenly, I realized what had happened. I remembered the words Bryant had spoken earlier that day. “I’m going to get you, Moses,” he said. “Damn,” I thought to myself, “he didn’t, he wouldn’t.” I quickly turned off the shower and busted out. I stared at the bare wall that had held my bathrobe. “Aaaah,” I screamed to no one, frustrated that I had let him get me. I could see him now; face brimming with pride at his accomplishment.

Two minutes later, Bryant stared up from his desk and said, “Moses, why are you wrapped in the shower curtain?”

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