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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fieldcrest Food Fun

(Holy lliteration Batman!)

After a long pause between session, the writing antics in Fieldcrest is back in full swing: there's roommates to heckle, Isaac to pet, and pizza to be had. After some quality catch up time, we finally settled into our chairs and thought about how we cope with winter-- especially in Morgantown. While some were brief in listing their coping strategies, others offered some interesting thoughts...
  • Most smokers don't smoke less in the winter.
  • Friends are more understanding if you bail on them because of the "weather" when it's cold, rather than when it's just too hot.
  • We all crave hot food or drinks when it gets cold.
While one writer offered her stories of home made cinnamon buns, I dreamed about hot chocolate or coffee-- in addition to the cinnamon buns-- and wondered why we all gravitate towards warm food. If you're cold you can always just get a blanket, turn on a heater, grab a hoodie... But before we reach for the thermostat, we reach for the hot food and drinks. Is it just like throwing another log on the proverbial fire of our lives?

What if it's that we long for closeness? In this time of seeing the ground blanketed in white (or grey as it is now) that all seems so bland and empty... waiting for a warm body to fill it... Maybe it's our body, or maybe it's someone else, or maybe it's even just a memory associated with our warm food or drink of choice... But during our time of need, it's what we go for, and it's always enough.

(Stay tuned for more exciting snippets from Fieldcrest!)

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