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Friday, November 11, 2011

Homeward Bound

It could have been a night of nostalgia -- a group of WVU students talking about home, our eyes growing misty with each passing sentence. Instead, us Honors Dorm Boltoneers discussed what makes our old hometown and our new adopted home, Morgantown, unique. We discussed how concrete details really help cement a picture in a reader's mind. One student's hometown had six gas stations; another had 4 stops signs and his family had lived there since 1820; another talked about how each family member represented home to her (she moved around a lot as a kid). What came across in each of the descriptions, though, was just how well we knew home. Home may not seem like something to write...well, home, about, but each hometown was distinct and unique.
We all agreed though, that when it comes to uniqueness, our adopted home as Mountaineers doesn't need any help. The Jekyll and Hyde effect of High Street soon got brought up. The hidden establishments that suddenly become invisible at night. The eery darkness of High Street after the MAC. The cheery shops during the day. The beauty of the campus. High Street seems to be part of quintessential Morgantown, and let me say, that the Honors Dorm Boltoneers were able to capture it quite well in their writing. Instead of a night missing home, the night became filled with tales that we all could relate to: what it's like to be a Morgantownian.

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