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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Campus Monsters... and Not One Story About Halloween Costumes?

On Tuesday at Fieldcrest, it turns out that rather than taking the easy way out and talking about Halloween, it ended up being a group therapy session about the stresses of academic life. Sure education is great, but when there's a stack of paper to grade (Doc and Me) or when that one group of students in Philosophy class just won't stop talking or that one person with the laptop who is compulsively checking social media rather than taking note for class, it really does get under the skin... clawing at our attention span and moods like a monster...

We all wrote some flash length non-fiction about our recent monsters (see above), and at the end of the night bonded very much over our various miseries. We still have one workshop left, and I certainly hope our spirits are a little lighter and we don't have our own version of Where The Wild Things Are... In the Classroom for our final night for the semester.

Oh and can't forget, even Isaac was suffering from the "Rack Monster"...

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