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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summit Hall Discovers Sushi in a Field, and Sunday's Bolton Reading!

In our last Bolton workshop, the writers, Hannah, and I discovered objects in a proverbial field--a tomato, a piece of sushi, and a circus peanut (and we got to keep them!). We also used Lia Purpura's haunting voice to inspire flash nonfiction pieces, which yielded surprising realizations: one writer's soon-to-be story about how a circus peanut in the crack of a sidewalk mimics her character's circus-like life; a symbolic rotting tomato behind a fence used to demonstrate grief at a loved one's funeral; a description of sushi's and rice's relationship as a metaphor for love; and some striking utterances: "Alice and her acid wonderland," "I'm too dense," "I spent all of August unearthing it," "I smashed a VCR in a church once. No one seemed to care."

One of our writers noticed that we covered each of the summer months in our writing: June, July, and August. We must be craving some sunshine, so we brought it to that comfy cinema room in Summit!

Join us Sunday, Dec. 8, at 4PM in Honors Hall for a reading by our wonderful Bolton writers and our guest reader, the equally wonderful, James Harms! The reading is free and open to the public.

Summit Hall writers, see you next semester for more fun exercises!

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