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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Serial Killers, Hospitals, Funeral Homes, and Lasagna

We have been busy writer-bees at the Dadisman/Stalnaker hall Bolton Workshops. (Can’t you wait until there are real bees?!) Two weeks ago, we used Chuck Palahniuk’s and Bret Easton Ellis’s character-monologues to inspire our own serial killers. Warning: such an exercise surprises not just your friends but also yourself, especially your answer to the question “Who is your killer’s favorite victim?” *Chills*

Last night, Nick, Karli, Morgan, Lacey, Shannon, and I covered the topics of hospitals and funerals: not much less chilling! I was so shocked at the material these writers have. I told them to quit talking, start writing, and get those nonfiction essays published immediately. There was a stunningly elemental comparison of hospitals and funeral homes, a five-year-old girl who bit her dentist and got smacked for it, a very compressed expression of “I hate hospitals,” vials of blood, a broken ankle from a painful horse-kick,  and multiple blown veins when a nurse, this writer supposed, plotted for her to look like a drug addict.

Among this conversation, the lasagna was cheesy-good, the garlic bread was buttery-good, and George the dog rustled playfully upstairs. Thanks for Debbi and David for always creating the warm, happy atmosphere.

We will meet again on Monday, March 11, at 6:30pm for a poetic ode-frenzy. See you there!

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